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Are Laser Cut Keys a real thing??

One of the more modern and precise methods of key duplication involves laser cutting technology. Laser cut keys, also known as sidewinder keys or laser keys, feature a unique pattern of grooves and dimples cut along the edge of the key blade using a highly accurate laser. The intricate nature of laser cut keys makes them more difficult to duplicate using traditional key cutting machines. Instead, locksmiths often rely on specialized laser key machines to create duplicates of these high-security keys. The laser key duplication process works by first capturing a precise image of the existing key's pattern. This image is then fed into the laser key machine's computer system, which translates the pattern into instructions for the cutting mechanism. Using a focused cutter and probe system the machine then meticulously cuts the corresponding pattern into a fresh key blank with extraordinary accuracy, recreating even the smallest grooves and dimples found on the original key. Laser cut keys offer a higher level of security compared to traditional cut keys, as the random patterns are practically impossible to replicate without the proper equipment and expertise. This makes them a popular choice for applications where enhanced security is paramount, such as high-end residential properties, commercial buildings, and certain automotive models. While the laser cut key duplication process is more complex and time-consuming than basic key cutting, it is a crucial service that locksmiths must be able to provide to cater to the growing demand for these advanced key systems. Proper training, specialized equipment, and adherence to strict security protocols are essential for locksmiths dealing with laser cut keys to ensure the integrity and safety of these high-security locking mechanisms.

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